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RAH Group

Our company was established in Turkey in 1999. Our headquarters is located in Istanbul and the company is active especially in Europe, Asia and Turkic Republics. Our company operates in Natural Gas, Petroleum, Petro Chemical, Natural Gas, LPG, LNN, Construction, Project Development, Precious Metals technologies sectors and continues its development with the aim of being a world brand as RAH GROUP. RAH GROUP, which takes its strength and continuity in the long term from the understanding of high quality, environmental awareness, customer satisfaction and social responsibility, has a young staff, professional squad and with respective associates.
RAH GROUP - with the synergy it creates with its partner companies on a project basis - by leading the way in determining strategies that will add value, based on experience in finance, co-operation and planning, providing coordination between companies and using resources rationally; will continue to support the entrepreneurial talent of its competent and qualified staff with courage, power and belief to realize the target of opening to world markets outside the regional market and will pass their experiences to future generations. In the future, RAH GROUP wishes to maintain its institutionalization in its business lines by using technology with its entrepreneurial and superior management approach. While acting in line with the goal of always being the first choice of all stakeholders in the value chain, it is to adopt the modesty and love and respect for human beings as a principle.
RAH GROUP will be the source of faith, power and inspiration to its customers and business partners with its efforts to create an effective and continuous communication environment in the process of perceiving and internalizing the global competition, technology and information age with the competence and assurance of the experiences and successes gained in the world markets to date.
RAH GROUP continues to undertake its important commitments in Turkey and abroad, and continues to work in order to compete and successfully remain at the top level by looking at the future with confidence and integrating with the expectations of the modern world.

Chairman of the Board

Huseyin Yilmaz


With its extensive experience and strong network, RAH Group successfully maintains its brokerage and trading relations that includes products such as petrol, petroleum, diesel, JetA1, petroleum coke, LPG, LNG and CNG.


RAH Group adopts modern management techniques in all of its contracting and investment projects as the basic policy of completing its projects on time by choosing materials and workmanship that is proven and proven in the market. Rah Grup.


Safety and efficiency are crucial when it comes to managing oil and gas logistics. As RAH Group, we have extensive experience in providing logistics services in this sector. We offer the most suitable solutions to our customers with our knowledge on land and sea transportation and tanker transportation of oil and petroleum products.

 Rah Group.


RAH GROUP operates in the purchase, sale and mining of precious metals and continues its development with the aim of becoming a world brand.


Hamidiye Mah. İhlas Sok. No: 6/2 İç Kapı No: 20 34408 Kağıthane / İstanbul / Türkiye